Council of Archmages

Council of the archmages is a rpg game you can create your own rpg char. mutant, elf, warrior, andriod, angel, demon, hunter, etc. and start your own storyline and see how they entertwine with others....
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King / Earth Clan Leader
King / Earth Clan Leader

Number of posts : 24
Age : 29
Char. Bio: : King of Sagarath, Alchemist, Syn's Older Brother
Clan:( if havent joined one put N/A) : Earth Clan, Knights, Royal Family
Alliance: : Neutral
Registration date : 2007-07-06

Character sheet
Jw Left_bar_bleue45000/45000Jw Empty_bar_bleue  (45000/45000)
Jw Left_bar_bleue45000/45000Jw Empty_bar_bleue  (45000/45000)
(3) Main Powers:: Telekinesis, Near-invulnerability, Superhuman-Strength

Jw Empty
PostSubject: Jw   Jw Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2007 5:45 pm

Name: Jonathan Silverlake (Jw)
Age: 17
Rank: King
Clan: Knights
Alliance: Kingdom of Sagarath
Powers: Light, Telekinesis, Teleportation
Father: William Silverlake aka Lord Silverlake
Brother: Muraki Silverlake
Sister: Nelia Silverlake
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