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Council of the archmages is a rpg game you can create your own rpg char. mutant, elf, warrior, andriod, angel, demon, hunter, etc. and start your own storyline and see how they entertwine with others....
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PostSubject: Clans   Clans Icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2007 10:59 am

cheers Alright now that there are more people I can open up a new topic for you all involving clans but ( and i know you all hate this) there are more rules ^^( its for your own good cuz you know who some people can be) cheers

Alright let me explain how the clans are going to work, clans should have a leader a major and a power that EVERYONE in the clan will get no matter what group you belong to or what rank you are cool huh!?! well not only that but your clan must have three commands that the leader has to teach to eveyone before you all are able to use your clan power( and FYI the leader must decide on the clan power it can be an offensive or defensive power its up to them) Oh and just for the hell of it....if you want to be a leader you have to prove you are worthy of being a leader by taking a test( i know you all love me)
all this information must be posted (not here)
but in the topic called the clan guild news which is attached to the topic the clan guild
your guild must have a purpose like helpping other guilds or helpping the king and his knights. etc.

i know it seems like alot of inforamtion but it has to be done and after its all done the leader will have to test ppl who want to join the clans ( they make upi thier own tests) \

then you can start having clan fueds and wars etc. cat cheers I love you bom
so doesnt that sound fun !!!
i know you dont want to do the work but its work before play

~ The Immortal Dark Mythical Elf~
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