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Council of the archmages is a rpg game you can create your own rpg char. mutant, elf, warrior, andriod, angel, demon, hunter, etc. and start your own storyline and see how they entertwine with others....
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 Warlords of Sagarath

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King / Earth Clan Leader
King / Earth Clan Leader

Number of posts : 24
Age : 29
Char. Bio: : King of Sagarath, Alchemist, Syn's Older Brother
Clan:( if havent joined one put N/A) : Earth Clan, Knights, Royal Family
Alliance: : Neutral
Registration date : 2007-07-06

Character sheet
Warlords of Sagarath Left_bar_bleue45000/45000Warlords of Sagarath Empty_bar_bleue  (45000/45000)
Warlords of Sagarath Left_bar_bleue45000/45000Warlords of Sagarath Empty_bar_bleue  (45000/45000)
(3) Main Powers:: Telekinesis, Near-invulnerability, Superhuman-Strength

Warlords of Sagarath Empty
PostSubject: Warlords of Sagarath   Warlords of Sagarath Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 3:14 pm

Hello Everyone. I am here to tell you about the 3 warlords of sagarath.
They are leaders of different parts of the kingdom.
There names are:
Zyylord, the Warlord of Darkarath Village has incredible dark powers.
Tenma, the Warlord of Sona Village is a Light Elf with knowledge over light.
There is also a third Warlock who wishes to remain nameless.

** These people have similar power to the knights, if you defy them, you will suffer the consequences. Like the knights, they have the ability to take away your powers so treat them with respect. **
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Warlords of Sagarath
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