Council of Archmages

Council of the archmages is a rpg game you can create your own rpg char. mutant, elf, warrior, andriod, angel, demon, hunter, etc. and start your own storyline and see how they entertwine with others....
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 Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord

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Warlord of Darkarath Village
Warlord of Darkarath Village

Number of posts : 3
Age : 28
Char. Bio: : 1 of 3 Legendary Warlords
Clan:( if havent joined one put N/A) : N/A
Alliance: : Neutral
Registration date : 2007-07-06

Character sheet
Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord Left_bar_bleue45000/45000Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord Empty_bar_bleue  (45000/45000)
Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord Left_bar_bleue45000/45000Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord Empty_bar_bleue  (45000/45000)
(3) Main Powers:: Dark Magic & Shadow Manipulation

Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord Empty
PostSubject: Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord   Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord Icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2007 5:59 pm

*A dark figure appears behind him*
Zyylord: I refuse to help you any longer!
???: you say that like you have a choice... you are merely a puppet for me to control.
Zyylord: I will find a way to stop you!
Zyylord: I will tell everyone what you plan to do to this kingdom.
Zyylord: I will tell them about Vincent, as well.
???: you will try... If you attempt to tell anyone I will kill you. You must have realized this...
Zyylord: I don't care! They must be warned. Even if I don't tell anyone, Jonathan or Nelia will find out. You will never suceed!
???: I know this... but, Nelia is too weak to stop me, she merely has a fraction of my powers... and I will make sure that Jw does not stop me again!
*Shadowy Figure Teleports Out*
*Zyylord sits at his desk.*
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Palace of Darkarath - Zyylord
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